Struggles of the Diet

So as you may or may not know, I am getting married to the beautiful Annabelle next October. This has represented the best opportunity and end goal for me to lose the weight I have wanted to lose for years.

I started using Slimming World in June and at first I dismissed it as a load of nonsense and one that will probably do more harm than good. As a support to Annabelle, who was facing it head on, I decided that I would embrace the diet. Initially it proved difficult to keep up with with it and make sure I did not treat myself too often.  Going out for a jaunt to Pizza Express was hard to resist. I bloody love pizza but with this diet it was very hard to have pizza and justify it. I stuck to having bananas while at work and managed to rein myself in. The hardest part barring the pizza was cheese but there is an allowance for cheese so you can have a tiny bit and that managed to sate my cheese cravings.

After a few weeks I started to shed a few pounds and it slowly made me feel a bit better about my body. A colleague at work who I worked with on rare occasions started to notice a difference in my body, which made me feel much better about doing the diet. I continued to do the diet for a couple more months and managed to lose 20 pounds, which is huge for me. I have never been someone that has been able to shift huge amounts of weight and this felt like a miracle. Something I had fought so long for but never done with conviction.

One day I want to be 11 stone, who knows if that will happen but I need to fight and show the same determination I did in the first three months to get there.

I will be sure to keep you updated.