Brucey Bonus


This week I managed to watch a whole 7 films, which is impressive because I can’t sit through too many nowadays. How old do I sound??? On Friday I watched three films, which are relatively new: Moonrise Kingdom, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Looper. Brucey was in 2 of these films and he would have improved BOTSW of he was in it although I don’t think he would have done the whole starving person in New Orleans thing quite as subtly. (Puts his wife beater on and kills anyone in his way while dropping explosives everywhere!)

Firstly, Moonrise Kingdom is AWESOME!!! Wes Anderson’s best film without a shadow of doubt. Brucey was excellent in this and played the bumbling but sentimental cop extremely well and Ed Norton as the scout master was genius. The two teenage actors were, in my opinion, the best two actors in the film. It was a case of “I wish I made this film”. Looper was equally impressive and the makeup on JGL’s face was superb. Notions of time travel aside, it was a really cool and slick blockbuster. I’m hoping my sci-fi idea involving cloning looks equally impressive when I am shitting on a bed of pound notes and as important to the world as water. (This is a joke btw, I am not that egotistical, I mean as important to the world as bread.)

On Brucey, and yes his films would be a lot more hilarious with Bruce Forsyth playing the lead role “Oooohhh yes, yippiekiyay, did you want to go higher or lower, lower it is” (drops bad guy to the ground and proceeds to put fist to humongous chin). He is underestimated in my opinion and he deserves to be recognised as a good character actor. I mean he has played great roles in epic films like 12 Monkeys, Unbreakable, Pulp Fiction, Sin City and now Moonrise and Looper. Ignoring the billion shit films he has done, he has been excellent. He doesn’t take himself too seriously when he does shite films and he does serious well. 

I caught up with some new music in the past week as well such as: King Krule, who by the way looks like he is about 12, The Internet and Future Islands. All very different but each one excellent in their own ways. King Krule has a really fresh, raspy voice over some vibrant electronic sounds. Future Islands have possibly the best vocalist known to man, check out their side project Art Lord & The Self Portraits because they are hilarious. The Internet are a strand of The Odd Future collective but are so different from that. Neo-RnB is what I would call it, FUCKING DOPE!!!

Update on my cookery show: I have decided on an episode order.

  1. Australian
  2. Italian
  3. British
  4. American
  5. Caribbean
  6. French

I will start filming in a few weeks and hope you are as excited as I am about it.

I am off to ask Bruce Forsyth if he can tell me what it is like to have a living toupee on your head.



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