Welkommen to the second edition of Ib’s World. I wish I could tell you I am now the greatest hero of them all like action man but in the grand time of one week things don’t change too much.

Today I decided I wouldn’t wear my glasses for a week for a “new perspective” on life. Really, it’s just to see what I would look like with contacts in. It appears I would look sexier than a walrus flapping it’s gums while taking a dump. So yeah, bonus.

Now onto the Pooscars, as I prefer to call them. HOW FUCKING DULL CAN YOU GET AND STOP BEING PREDICTABLE AND GIVING AWARDS TO FILMS THAT ARE JUST MADE FOR THE OSCARS. In future reward real talent. The Master, enough said. Clearly John Travolta and his spray on hair has a say in who gets what. Good on you John.

Music is good lately isn’t it eh? (removes The Brits from all memory). I only just discovered Ghostpoet and his album “Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam” (best album title everrrrr). I especially like ‘Lines’, it is a a great way to end the album. It is almost as good as Dan Le Sac vs, Sroobius Pip’s 1st but not quite. Flume sounds pretty decent, especially his song with Chet Faker. Now, Tyler, The Creator has a new album out shortly and his new song ‘Domo 23’ is fucking awesome. If I was in Ibiza, it would be a good banger but I am not so it is just awesome. His other one ‘Bimmer’ is a good new angle as well. He is the new Ol’ Dirty Bastard in my eyes, strong statement I know but I am making it. What can I say about Foals, I mean come on, stop spoiling us lads. You are too good for words, really want to see them at a festival this summer. People should check out Local Natives, fuck me are they the shizz. Hummingbird is a beautiful album as is Gorilla Manor. Jamie Oliver told me they were pukka, so I would trust Jamie or he might spit at you or something.

I watched End of Watch, easy sentence, the other day and it is brutal but exceptional. As far as cop dramas go, it blows most recent films out of the water. Jake Gyllenhaal is so gerd as one half of a cocky two man patrol. But the real star is Michael Pena, who is always underrated in the parts he has. It is about time that he is given the chance to step up into main roles, which looks like it will come to fruition with the lead role in “Chavez”. Exciting talent fo sho’.

A word on my cookery show: I have decided on a format for it. I will be doing a different country’s national dish each month and theme each episode based on that. The first will be Australian, so Sheilas and Shanes be prepared for many a laugh.

And finally, I did not get a job at Holland & Barrett. How could I not when the line at the end of my cover letter read “So get a taste of the vitamin that is Ibby and hire me”. I think that is a winner of a line.

Listen to more Bob Marley and keep it real folks. I am off to visit the pope and ask him where he got his chair.






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